Terminal Fee Refund Counters for OFWs

The Consulate General of the Philippines just posted Advisory regarding the implementation of the International Passengers Service Charge (Terminal Fee) which took effect last February 1, 2015.

This means that terminal fee of Php550 is now integrated in purchasing airline ticket.The reason for this is to ease the traffic inside the airports caused by the long queue of passengers paying terminal fees.

For us Pinoy OFWs, we all know we are exempted in paying terminal fees if we have this OEC certificate issued by consulate. Continue reading “Terminal Fee Refund Counters for OFWs”

Flu death toll now 145! Are we going to wear surgical masks again?

As of today, 3 more people died of flu in the territory bringing
the toll to 145 since January beginning this year and looks like
we’re heading to same fearful scenario we had last 2003, 12 years ago.

Among the fatality were 220 adults and 11 children.
The public is now being warned and advised to have vaccince jabs
especially the elderly and those suffering with chronic disease.