Filipino Woman in Hong Kong Infected with Covid-19 visited Macau

A 40-year-old Hong Kong resident of Filipino nationality, who was preliminarily diagnosed with Covid-19 infection in the neighbouring region, traveled to Macau during the disease onset.

The woman was in Macau from the 22th to the 27th of March visiting a friend, a non-resident Filipino worker.

According to Macau TDM News, the non-resident worker is now in isolation on the Coloane public health center due to being a close contact to her.

Authorities are still tracing back the Hong Kong patient steps in Macau. The available information shows the woman and her friend were at Jollibee on the March 23, 24, 26 and 27 at around 2:00 pm.

The restaurant was informed to carry out cleaning and disinfection and Jollibee informed they will be closing Sunday and Monday.

The Hong Kong patient does not recall all the places where she has been in Macau so information is still being gathered by authorities.

Authorities are also tracing all the possible contacts she might have had in Macau.

In Hong Kong, the patient had contact with members of the band Insomnia, a band whose members have been infected with coronavirus recently.