His Mom didn’t recognize him when he came back home after working 11 years abroad.


We always return to that mother we call “home”. A home where we recall how our lives were built. A home who never failed to keep us safe and sheltered. Our mothers are the most vivid memory we have of our childhood. They were the ones who held us tight as soon as we came out into the world; the hands that taught us right from wrong; the lullaby that puts us to sleep whenever we feel scared and alone—but we will never know until when they can be there for us.

Filipinos are often born in poverty, forcing some of them to leave the country and earn money elsewhere. Yes, they are forced to leave their families for the betterment of the latter. It is a hard decision to make, but the choices are very slim. With them, they carry the memories they had when they were in the Philippines with their families. But what if your family doesn’t remember you?

This short film showed how a mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease while her son was working abroad. What the OFW does to make his mother remember is truly heart-warming. Watch this tear-jerking short film and reminisce with your mom on mother’s day!