Macau coronavirus: Close contacts of infected Filipino visitor from Hong Kong yield negative results

Eight people in Macau who have been in contact with a Filipino Hong Kong resident, who is confirmed to have corona virus have undergone several tests.  Although, all the tests are negative, they will remain in quarantine for 14 days at in isolated places as part of quarantine protocol by Portuguese colony.

According to TDM Macau News, authorities are still investigating and appeal to all people that might have contact with this woman to contact authorities on 2870 0800.

All locations where the patient has been – Roadhouse, Jollibee and two buildings – have been disinfected. The woman, being treated in HK, still does not show symptoms of the disease, she did not show before entering Macau and she was only diagnosed on the 29th of March.

The situation of case number 18, a 50 year-old local Macau resident, has been deteriorating. The woman is being accompanied by the health authorities who are trying to help her stabilize. She was subjected to intubation, as it was confirmed a lack of oxygen in her blood. She is being treated in the public hospital.

Macau authorities have a new location for isolation and treatment of coronavirus patients, in the Cotai area. It’s the new Kiang Wu Nursing College in the new Island Hospital Complex. The Government is occupying floors 11th to the 15th and 196 beds are available at this location. The complex will be used for isolation of close contacts and quarantine area for people that have recovered from the infection (they are still supervised during 14 days after that)

Two people have been sent to hotels to finish their quarantine as they violated the home quarantine rules – according to authorities they went to the building door to pick up goods left by family and friends. This is also seen as a violation of quarantine and they will be charged by police

People who are liberated from quarantine will have to wear a mask, measure their temperature twice a day and will be accompanied by phone by health authorities. Authorities reassure that 14 days are enough for quarantine as for now

There are more than 2800 people in quarantine in hotels, most of them Macau residents that are students coming back from abroad. There are 200 people still finishing their home quarantine (not possible since the 19th of March)

There are ten people in isolation in the Coloane Public Health Center due to being considered close contacts.

Globally, the infectious disease has affected over half million individuals in 156 different countries including China, and the US which is now becoming the epicenter of the corona virus’ outbreak.

Source: Macau TDM News