Philippines! Now becoming the Shabu Capital of Asia

shabu capital pilipinas

It is now very alarming to see the news on TV and newspapers everyday. Drugs and criminality are the main part of the news.
It’s epidemic and it’s scary as hell that our beloved country is now becoming the next narco state capital in world. Thanks to the current administration. We do have Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) who think they’re doing their job in suppressing this problem but they can’t. This problems remains a socio-economic menace. A number of reported crimes has been rising, while the ability of the police to solve crimes has decreased.

According to the video below, this huge business (bigger than if not similar to biggest gold mining) is thriving. One of the biggest by shabu laboratory raided in Paranaque by authorities in cooperation with US drug enforcement agency makes about 400-500 kilos of shabu or equivalent 2 billion peso per month. It is just one of the 300 plus shabu lab in the country which generate about 500 Billion (with capital B!) peso per year. Wow!

Shabu, a slang term for the drug methamphetamine used in Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia (source wikipedia)

It’s obvious that our country is being targeted by organized crime groups.

By PDEA’s own analysis, the arrests made on illegal drug charges last year were comprised of those employed in government (45%); law enforcers (26%); and elected officials (29%). This year’s arrest exceeded the record in 2013 and is the highest since 2011 per PDEA record because netting mostly “high-value” targets. Theirs is the only tandem that highlights the fight against criminality and drugs as a major part of their platform. (Philippine Star News)

Please watch the video. Lets hope and pray that the next president will be the one who have the will and courage to face and suppress this problem. With our help, we can fight together and win this battle.

According to Rodrigo Duterte and Alan Peter Cayetano, crime and drugs are social ills that need to be stamped out. Theirs is the only tandem that highlights the fight against criminality and drugs as a major part of their platform.

God bless Philippines! God bless the next generation

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